What Does Elon Musk Want to Do Next?!

What does Elon Musk want to do next?! Tesla CEO Elon Musk focuses on controlling the human mind (artificial intelligence). One of
the aims is to treat paralysis, and the first trials aim at 19 different animals.
Elon Musk is now focusing on controlling the human mind. Neuralink is working on the process of the mind-reading chin in the human brain, which is done by complex tasks such as brain surgery.
The first experiment was on a pig named Gertrude. And a video had also revealed and called “three little pigs’ demo.” Nueralink also tested neural interfaces on the other pig and showed his ability to record and predict action based on a wired chip placed in the pig’s brain. Such experiments were successful enough for going to the next step, which is curing human diseases in the same way.
The company’s head surgeon, Dr. Matthew MacDougall stated that the first human trial will be done for treating paralysis. And Elon Musk’s motive to do so is to treat those who have been crippled by Alzheimer’s, dementia, spinal fractures.
The success rate of Neuralink company is 87 percent which is obtained from testing on 19 types of animals, and what this company is going to do is connecting the human mind with artificial intelligence.
However, it is still the case that if the human mind can be controlled and can be given commands by a computer, it can also be misused and used for sinister purposes.
But this is not the end! Because Musk is not a one-dimensional person. It seems that he is close to accomplishing another dream. CEO Elon Musk longs to open a restaurant at one of his company’s Supercharger stations, and he wants to use his logo, Tesla, in the foodservice industry.
The automaker Elon Musk is going to open a new restaurant and use his logo (Tesla) in the foodservice industry. His first suggestion was in 2018 to open an old school drive-in restaurant at a new Supercharger location in Santa Monica, California.
He thanked Santa Monica in April and released the news of having 50’s diner and 100 movie clips in Santa Monica.
Building such a restaurant could be logical for Tesla. In contrast with a traditional car filled with gas, vehicles of Tesla take longer to charge up. The average time for charging up these vehicles is about 40 minutes.
Tesla thinks about having restaurants for Tesla owners to entertain instead of waiting for their electronic vehicles to be charged…

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